IFADUI Registered in the United States of America in State of Delaware Reg.No.(6880873)

Our Philosophy

We are doing a double-directional bridge between academic study and practical experience through networking between academic institutions and graduates with outstanding expertise in various fields.

Our Motto

Rigorous and effective applications of science are the basis for the progress of peoples and the building of civilizations.

Our Standards

IFADUI has a set of predefined and proven educational standards that must be followed by all the applicant institutions & individuals. These standards are designed as per the needs and requirements of good education in the field of professional and digital educational.


  • IFADUI is a globally accepted and acknowledged, self-governing, non-profit and private accrediting body.
  • IFADUI has been offering legitimate accreditation status to Materials and programs provided by individuals and institutions.
  • IFADUI was formed with a mission of recognizing professional education quality and professional educational providers.
  • At IFADUI, the process of conferring on the accreditation status is different. The quality and standard of educational provision is evaluated through a predefined and proven method which involves rigorously evaluating the educational materials, based on the best global practices in education.
  • The first and foremost goal behind the development of IFADUI is to enhance the quality standards of professional education.
  • Till date, IFADUI has been assessing and accrediting educational materials based on its predefined and proven evaluation methodologies.
  • The evaluation faculty of IFADUI matches the global standards.
  • Upon final accreditation the IFADUI also suggests improvements specifically targeted to education process.


  1. Support for the concept of professional and digital education.
  2. Achieving an effective communication network between professional and digital education institutions.
  3. Develop and formulate norms for smooth functioning of professional and digital educational institutions.
  4. Render accreditation to educational materials that meet our standard criteria.
  5. Render accreditation to professional and digital educational institutions and trainers that meet our standard criteria.
  6. Encourage the adoption of sound educational standards and ethical business practices in the professional and digital educational institutions.
  7. Coordinate and work with the public, private, local, and international authorities at all levels in the development and exchange of information helpful to advance and uphold stable policies in the education quality field in professional and digital educational.

IFADUI Accreditation

The primary goal of accreditation is to make sure that educational material offered by any educational institution or professional individual meets satisfactory levels of quality and pre-set standards. Accrediting agencies are organizations (or agencies) that set working standards for professional colleges, universities, training centers, trainers and degree programs, keep a check on whether those standards are met, and publicly announce their findings. Accreditation is a voluntary and not-for-profit process. Accreditation of an educational material ensures that it is operating according to the set principles and is meeting the required standards for an educational institution. Accreditation also ensures that the institution is operating as per the criteria and standards of quality of education and is meeting the benchmark set by the international accreditation agencies and professional learning commissions. If an institution or individual is accredited and recognized from a reputable accreditation agency, that ensures that the institution or individual is offering a quality of education and its materials are recognized and accepted worldwide. It guarantees that the educational standards of the accredited institution would not weaken, which helps strengthen the institute’s credibility and wide recognition. If you would like more information about the accreditation process and how to get your material accredited by IFADUI, please contact IFADUI Team.

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